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FORA - Menu

Our renowned Turkish chef crafts each dish with meticulous attention to detail, offering a menu that includes mouth-watering kebabs, flavorful meze, and authentic Turkish-style Pides.


Selection of small dishes served as appetizers

Mixed meze image

Mixed meze

Mixed meze plate with Ezme, Humus, Babaganus, Haydari and Saksuka.

THB 290

Cacik image


Garlic yogurt with cucumber and herbs.

THB 150

Atom image


Tongy yogurt topping with dry spicy pepper

THB 150

Baba Ganush image

Baba Ganush

Creamy, savory, smokey eggplant dip with garlic

THB 150

Eggplant salata image

Eggplant salata

This is a roasted aubergine salad reciepe and along with lots of other meze dishes

THB 150

Humus image


A paste of mashed chickpeas mixed with sesame oil or sesame paste

THB 150

Antep Ezme image

Antep Ezme

Fresh tomatoes, garden veggies and hot pepper flakes combine.

THB 150

Haydari image


Made from certain herbs and spices, combined with garlic and yoghurt

THB 150


Turkish starting dishes.

Cheese rolls image

Cheese rolls

Crispy rolls of thin dough are stuffed with creamy mixture of cheese and parsley.

THB 160

Falafel image


Consists of fried spiced balls or patties of ground chickpeas.

THB 190

Calamary image


Crispy calamary served with Tar-Tar sauce

THB 240

Avci borek image

Avci borek

Deep fried filo pastry filled with mince, onions and parsley

THB 240

Garlic shrimps image

Garlic shrimps

Sprinkle with red pepper flakes, stir to shrimp in butter and garlic sause

THB 240


Fresh turkish salads

Coban salad image

Coban salad

Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and onions, olive oil and lemon

THB 170

Feta cheese salad image

Feta cheese salad

Sesonal salad with topping with feta cheese

THB 240

Gevurdagi salad image

Gevurdagi salad

Made with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and crunchy walnuts flavored with pomegranate molasses.

THB 190

Season salad image

Season salad

Seasonal salad with lemon and olive oil

THB 190


Turkish style baked pizza

Lahmacun image


Piece of dough topped with minced beef, vegetables and herbs.

THB 180

Cheese pide image

Cheese pide

Turkish style baked pizza topped with cheddar and mozzarella cheese

THB 290

Spinach pide image

Spinach pide

Wilted spinach paired with lightly tangy and yellow cheese

THB 290

Triple mix pide image

Triple mix pide

Chopped beef, mozarella cheese and ground mince beef

THB 340

Chicken and cheese pide image

Chicken and cheese pide

Turkish flat bread with marinated chicken, onion, capsicum, tomato topped with mozarella

THB 290

Beef pide image

Beef pide

Turkish flat bread with chopped meat and vegetables filling

THB 290


Red snapper image

Red snapper

Charcoal grilled, fish sauce, served with potato, tomato and green salad

THB 290

Seabass image


Charcoal grilled, served with green salad and lemon sauce

THB 340

Bonito-Palamut image


Charcoal grilled, fish sauce, served with salad and lemon sauce

THB 350

Tilapia image


Charcoal grilled, served with green salad and lemon sauce

THB 290

Malabar Trevally image

Malabar Trevally

Pan grill with the herbs, served with salad and lemon sauce

THB 350

Macarel fillet image

Macarel fillet

Mediterenian style, Kajun sauce with sweet chili

THB 290

Seabass fillet image

Seabass fillet

Grilled fillet served with green salad and lemon sauce

THB 340

Red snapper fillet image

Red snapper fillet

Grilled fillet served with green salad and lemon sauce

THB 390

Tilapia fillet image

Tilapia fillet

Turkish style, lemon, garlick, olive oil, and herbs with dry chili

THB 410

Grilled shrimp image

Grilled shrimp

500 gr. shrimp with salad and tartar sauce

THB 390

Salmon orange image

Salmon orange

Turkish style orange sauce with herbs

THB 590

Butter garlick shrimps image

Butter garlick shrimps

Marinated with garlick butter, served with tartar sauce

THB 390

Grill salmon image

Grill salmon

Salmon with asparagus and cream sauce

THB 590

Calamari image


Grilled calamari with salad and tartar sauce

THB 490